Maya Bay a must see Japanese restaurant in Monaco

Japanese haute cuisine has found its home in Maya Bay in Monaco.

Product quality, meticulous preparation and impeccable service are the three ingredients that have made Monaco's best Japanese restaurant famous.


Carried by our Chef and his team, the cuisine of our Japanese restaurant has reached new heights in Monaco.


You will find all the great classics of Japanese tables, sushi, sashimi, dim sum, yakimonos, tempuras and traditional soups.


In Monaco, a Japanese restaurant inspired by the best addresses in Tokyo and Okinawa.


The success of our Japanese restaurant is inspired by the rigour of the great masters in the land of the rising sun.


Our Chef and his team revisit an age-old cuisine, in keeping with Japanese tradition, with a constant demand.


Our Japanese restaurant welcomes you to Monaco from Tuesday to Sunday for your business meals or with friends.


Maya Bay advises you to book your table by phone at +377 97 70 74 67 or directly on the restaurant's website by following this link: