The best sushi in Monaco are at Maya Bay

A jewel of Japanese culinary art, sushi reveals all its flavours at Maya Bay. The best sushi in Monaco at Maya Bay it is, first and foremost, a fish of exceptional freshness from the day's fishing.


In a refined setting that invites you to travel, our sushi is made from the best fish, sea bream, tuna, salmon, turbots, wolves, but also shrimp, scallops, crabs and lobsters.


Over the years, Maya Bay has become the reference for sushi lovers in Monaco.


The thousand and one flavours of sushi at Maya Bay in Monaco.


The statement of their names plunges guests into the heart of Japanese gastronomy.


Maguro, Hotategai, Hamachi, Suzuki, Amaebi...

The know-how of our Japanese Chef enhances each sushi preparation to delight the most demanding eyes, nose and palates. Sushi from Maya Bay in Monaco will surprise you with its fresh, sweet or spicy notes.


Your sushi in Monaco in a mecca of Japanese gastronomy, The Maya Bay.


Local and international, the discerning clientele of Maya Bay in Monaco comes to taste the best sushi on the French Riviera.


Amateurs mingle with VIP customers in a setting worthy of the finest Japanese restaurants in Tokyo or Okinawa.


Maya Bay advises you to book your table by phone at +377 97 70 74 67 or directly on the restaurant's website by following this link: