The Government of Monaco - Extension of the scheme until 2 April inclusive (18 March 2021):

Entrance to the Restaurants:

  • As from Monday 11th January, restaurants will be closed for evening service.
  • They will only be open for lunch and access is limited to people who have proof of residence or work in Monaco.
  • All the measures currently in force are being maintained, the closure of bars and nightclubs, and the compulsory wearing of masks, which have made it possible so far to combat the development of the epidemic.

Opening times:

  • Between 12:00 and 15:00, only seated (lunch) food service is allowed (whatever the establishment), with or without beverage service.
  • The service of drinks without catering is forbidden.
  • Before 11am, between 3pm and 7pm, any on-site service of drinks or food is forbidden.
  • During the authorised slots, service must be carried out exclusively at the table by staff of the establishment (order taking, service, payment).

Sanitary measures and distancing:

  • Prior reservation in restaurants is required.
  • Tables are limited to 6 guests with a distance of 50cm between each guest and 1.5m between tables or physical separation (plexy glass).
  • The round tables, known as "bistro", cannot seat more than 2 people.
  • Restaurant benches, subject to allowing a meal to be taken on a table of standard height, are permitted subject to a minimum spacing of 50 centimetres between each guest.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory for employees, not for customers.
  • The menu is displayed or in digital version on smartphones.
  • Condiments on the table should be individualised to avoid physical contact.
  • The musical atmosphere is not allowed.
  • Car valets are allowed to drive on condition that the contact surfaces are disinfected each time they drive.
  • For the lunch service, queues must be clearly marked out if they cannot be avoided, and masks must be worn in the queues.
  • The additional measures we have put in place.
  • The temperature reading of each employee before starting work, under the supervision of a designated person in charge.
  • The provision of our menus, plasticized and disinfected,
  • The provision of a temperature-taking device for customers at the entrance
  • The provision of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers
  • The acquisition of a device for disinfecting all the surfaces of the Restaurant with a suitable virucidal product.
  • In application of the government decision issued on 30/12/2020, a measure restricting access to restaurants in the Principality has been introduced, in addition to the health provisions and barriers.

In accordance with the terms of these new measures, and as specified when making a reservation, we are asked to check, before allowing access to the Restaurant, that each of our customers has, when entering the Restaurant, one of the following items:

  • *Valid Monegasque identity card, passport or driving licence.
  • *Valid Monegasque residence permit
  • *Identity card


  • *Accommodation certificate
  • *Or an invoice, less than 3 months old, from a concessionary service at the address of a flat in Monaco, of which the person is either the tenant or the owner.
  • *Or a valid work permit in Monaco
  • *Or a Monegasque insurance card (CCSS, CAMTI or SPME)
  • *Or a certificate on the honour of the employer justifying work in Monaco.
  • *Or a proof of hotel reservation in the Principality.

Aware of the inconveniences caused, the establishments of the JV PASTOR Collection naturally apply strict compliance with the provisions in force, as this is the only way to maintain our activity in the Principality. We thank you for the kindness with which you will receive this new request.

Covid19 - Extension of the scheme until 2 April inclusive (18 March 2021)

The measures in force since 11 January, extended on 17 February 2021, expire at midnight on 19 March. In view of the health situation, H.S.H. Prince Albert II has decided to extend the current sanitary measures until 2 April inclusive. This decision follows the proposals made by His Government in consultation with the National Council in the Joint Monitoring Committee.

The curfew between 7pm and 6am will therefore remain applicable for two more weeks. The same applies to the rules relating to consumption in catering establishments at midday: access is reserved for residents, employees and schoolchildren of the Principality, reservations are compulsory, the number of guests is limited to 6 per table, and service can only take place between 11am and 3pm.